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Restorative Schools
Restorative Communities

Fantastic book aimed at all professionals interested in developing restorative approaches in their school.

Book by:  Janet Clark

UK Price: £46.25

ISBN: 9781906517304 | Published: 22 May 2012

This book is aimed at all professionals interested in developing restorative approaches in their school, from those considering starting to those who have implemented programmes and want to evaluate and improve their practice. The content includes a brief background to its introduction in the UK in the 1990s and the influence of the pioneering work of colleagues in Australia and New Zealand. From the earliest emphasis on restorative justice, the book outlines the wider educational model of restorative approaches used in today's schools. The book guides the reader through the stages of evaluating their current restorative practice with a suggested framework of how to get started and how to evaluate progress, illuminated by case studies from across the UK. Areas such as staff training and development are considered, as well as how to involve young people. The role of the wider community and key players are explored, their involvement in schools and how schools in turn can work within the community. Importantly, the book identifies the need to include parents and carers as a crucial factor for embedding restorative practice in the school and community setting. The case studies show how schools' behavior policies have moved from a punitive and blameful culture to one of repairing relationships and solving problems. They also highlight improvements in the school climate, including increased attendance and a fall in fixed term exclusions. This practical book is suitable for both primary and secondary schools. The accompanying CD includes an introductory PowerPoint for staff as well as copiable resources including checklists, action plans, referral forms, information guides, evaluation sheets and exemplar contracts.

Janet Clark has been involved in restorative practice since 2001, when she first began as one of the first Schools Coordinators, under the Restorative Justice in Schools Project funded by the Youth Justice Board, and then joined the Bristol RAiS (Restorative Approaches in Schools Project) as Project Manager. Winning an award for "Innovation", the project was hugely successful launching a Schools Guide in 2009, in the presence of HRH Princess Anne.

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