Testimonials Janet Clark


Find out what people said about our courses.

"Great presentation, useful materials and easy to follow method."

"Presentation was clear and information, well structured with time for discussion.”

"Janet was excellent, thought provoking, excellent Training. Thank you."

"Excellent delivery and overview.”

"Dynamic and entertaining delivery. Felt that trainer has had considerable experience using restorative practice in real life, very credible.”

"Fantastic materials. Tutor had extensive practical experience in delivery of RJ.”

"The Tutor is very experienced and she made you feel very comfortable throughout the course."

Primary Schools | Hammersmith and Fulham

"Knowledgeable, well experienced trainers, relaxed, easy to follow style with appropriate supporting materials.”

"Very good, clear facilitating, with good quality handouts.”

"Good delivery, kept my attention.”

"Very useful, experienced and pitched at a good level.”

"A good mix of theory, practical, visual learning."

Children and Young Persons | Hertfordshire Constabulary

"Very useful and informative.”

"The Tutor and methods were very good, all relevant."

"Clear instructions and delivery skills."

"Good combination of discussion, role plays and DVDs."

"This was very useful in giving me an understanding of RJ."

"Thank you, I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learned a lot."

Youth Offending Service | Hammersmith & Fulham

"I found it all useful, and very good."

"The role plays made made me think, the final DVD put everything in the day into place.”

"Clear explanation of RJ was great, answering difficult questions re: RJ in different educational units was excellent.”

"Excellent programme, very friendly and approachable."

Pupil Referral Unit | Bristol

"Enjoyable, interactive range of training methods.”

"Very good, approachable and felt that I could as questions and make comments.”

"All very good.”

"Two really good deliveries from Tutors, answered questions and willing to discuss."

Infant School | Bristol

"Very clear delivery with excellent handouts.”

"Trainers were knowledgeable and shared their experiences.”

"Good delivery and resources were excellent.”

"Good pace and timing."

Bridge Learning Campus | Bristol